Reasons to See a Chiropractor

reasons to see a chiropractor in bellevue waFive Reasons to See Our Bellevue Chiropractor First 

1. Doctors of Chiropractic are in the business of using all-natural remedies for the body's ailments. Every resource will be used to avoid invasive surgeries and mind-altering medications. 

2. Many times the body is in pain, spasming, numb, tingling, etc only because there is some area of the body out of alignment with the rest.  Imagine if the tailpipe on your car was coming half-off. It would bang, clatter and sound like a loud Harley coming down the road. Numbness is a symptom and it indicates that something is out-of-alignment. Chiropractors put things back into alignment.

3. Chiropractors typically have a large database of other natural healers in their area and if they cannot help you with Chiropractic they typically have well-known, long-term associates in natural wellness that can help you with your health needs. I know at least two or three professional herbologists, acupuncturists, vitamin experts, massage therapists and even aroma therapists.

4. Surgery and drugs ALWAYS have side effects. There is no surgery that doesn' t leave a scar on the body. There is no drug that doesn' t have a side effect. Surgery and drugs are sometimes the last resort and/or have to be used in extreme emergencies but if it can be avoided one should seek out Chiropractic. There are no side-effects for a Chiropractic adjustment.  No bad side-effects I should say.

5. Chiropractors are on your body's side. They are also on your mental and spiritual side as well. Most Chiropractors are very spiritual and think with the long-term effects on your mood and emotional level. A Chiropractor considers the effects of things for 5-10-20 years out.  He does not only consider the here-and-now symptoms.

See a chiropractor in Bellevue. You don't have to see me...but you should see your Chiropractor especially before seeking surgery or mind-altering medication solutions.

-Dr. Edward Owens, D.C.

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