Why Choose Us

The Best Chiropractic Experience in Bellevue Washington

That may sound very cocky to say that Chiropractic of Bellevue offers the best Chiropractic experience in Washington.  But we believe it is true and these are the reasons why:

1. We go to great lengths to hire only the best staff. That may sound like a not-so-good-reason but it truthfully is.  We have a professional HR person screen and test all of our new employees and do a very rigorous hiring protocol. The reason is that we want the best staff possible to give the best patient experience possible.

Our staff at Chiropractic of Bellevue don't drop the ball and let things get forgotten. Our staff treat each patient as though they are important and they have free license to do what is necessary to ensure our Chiropractic patients leave our office smiling.  We don't have any billing fiascos; we don't have any unpleasant people working with the patient at any step of their treatment. There are about 50 different stipulations that our staff require in order to be hired. We are very proud of our staff here at Chiropractic of Bellevue.

2. If a patient comes to us, gets treated and is not satisfied with their visit...we'll happily refund them their fee for the last visit they had with us or just not charge them for their last visit.  We're not in the business of taking money and producing a bad result. 

3. We try our best to get patients in and cut wait time down to as close to zero as possible. We do not like patients (who've scheduled with us) to show up on time and then have to wait.  Of course it is impossible to guarantee a no-wait time but we do try our best to ensure people get in and out as expected.

4. We do our best to let patients know up front exactly what their insurance benefits are and/or how much their expenses cost. This comes from the idea of treating others as we'd want to be treated. I myself. would like to know the cost of treatment and know how much things are going to cost before I get a big bill.

5. We are insurance providers with about every single insurance company there is.  We've gone to great lengths to become preferred providers with insurance companies so as to make Chiropractic care available to any and all who have any kind of insurance.  We also have affordable cash plans for patients who don't have health insurance.

6. Here at our Bellevue Chiropractor's office we do not try and pin patients down to a lengthy and drawn-out treatment plan and then have them pay upfront for the whole thing.  I do encourage some patients (one's with severe automobile accident injuries or sports injuries) to come in on a routine basis so we can manage their injury but there is no hard-sell on buying some big treatment package. Some patients recover quicker than others and there is no way to predict how many visits someone will need.

7. I stick to the standard and routine procedures of Chiropractic. There are a lot of new therapies out there and I do study them but for the most part...I treat my patients with tried and true treatment therapies. I do a lot of hands on Chiropractic and I also use various tools to manipulate the joints of the body back into place and relieve pain and other unwanted health conditions.

8. We have very flexible office hours. I am at the office Mon, Tues, Wed, Fri and Sat and this makes it very easy for anyone to ensure they can get in to see me at any time.

These are just some of the reasons why we believe we provide the best Chiropractic Care on the Eastside and Seattle. Call us and see if I'm right or not.


Edward Owens, D.C.