Stretches & Exercises

Dr. Owens is a highly experienced chiropractor who offers solutions to several neuromuscular health concerns. Not only does he work to provide relief from painful musculoskeletal symptoms, but he also gets to the root cause of pain and dysfunction to help our patients heal completely. One of the services offered at our facility is teaching patients stretching and exercise routines which they can follow at home.


How can exercise and stretching help with pain?

It is important to understand that stretching can help alleviate many symptoms of pain. While it is important to stretch before exercise, stretching is also an important part of daily life. Stretching can help not only prepare your muscles for strain, but also prevent and even help reduce the symptoms of joint pain and immobility.  

Stretching improves the mobility and flexibility of the joints. It also helps improve circulation and allows the muscles, tendons, and ligaments to relax. Keep in mind that stretching is not a substitute for treatment if treatment is required, but it is a great supplementary program to have along with treatment. It is also a great preventive measure for many injuries and neuromuscular conditions.

Many parts of the body will not function properly if you never stretch. The same is true for exercise. Prolonged periods of limited use are terrible for your muscles. The amount of exercise required to maintain healthy muscle mass is minimal. Our chiropractor can teach you a number of low-impact daily exercises that will keep you healthy and your body pain free.

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