Knee Pain

Knee Pain: Gentle Chiropractic Care

The Arthostim is a chiropractic tool we use at our Seattle chiropractic office in the situation where a patient may need a gentler Chiropractic adjustment. Some patients are not in a place where they can handle the traditional Chiropractic techniques applied with the hands. This is where the Arthrostim comes in handy.

gentle alternative knee surgery options

This device applies a very quick, light and repetitive downward motion to a bone or joint to help nudge it back into place. At our clinic, we use this device on newborns and the elderly and it works great. This device also works great on manipulating smaller bones and joints; it can be more precise.

Our Bellevue Washington office uses this device and other similar devices as well as traditional chiropractic care in order to get the quickest and best results for patients.  I've used the Arthrostim on rotator cuff injuries, knee injuries, ankle injuries and even for those suffering from TMJ.

If you've got an injury that is really bothering you, yet you are scared of traditional Chiropractic manipulations then the Arthrostim device might be the right thing for you.

Call our office today to schedule an appointment and see how safe and relaxing Chiropractic can be.

-Dr. Edward Owens