Chiropractic for Children

Pediatric Doctor in BellevuePediatric Chiropractic: Chiropractic for Infants & Toddlers - Is it Safe?

Infants and small children are prone to ear infections and ear-aches. The reason for this are that the bony plates in the infant's head are undergoing a lot of structural changes. When an infant is born their bones are quite bendable - they have to be in order to squeeze out of the birth canal.  And the bones (cartilage) remain pretty flexible for much of the child's youth.

The infant's bones and joints are quite flexible and prone to being moved easily and without much effort.  Slips, falls and collisions can very quickly move the child's bones, vertabra or joints in a non-optimal position and thus cause immediate onset of illness.  The smooth exchange of blood, fluid and nerve impulses are needed in order for the growing toddler body to easily fight off infections and whatnot.

Getting the child in to see a Chiropractor on a routine basis - once a month or even once every two months (depending on the child's condition) can help ensure the child is recovering quicker from
illnesses and accidents incurred in the process of growing up.  They are inevitable.  Chiropractic however, can give the infant/toddler a fighting chance.

Teething pains can be greatly reduced also by getting the child in to see a Chiropractor. The jaw and head can be simply adjusted to help the teething pains diminish quicker.  The gums and jaw of the small child are rather easy to manipulate.  It pains me sometimes to see so many young kids wearing braces when a few Chiropractic adjustments could have easily helped the teeth grow in straight.

The Chiropractor is versed in all musculoskeletal (muscles, bones, joints, soft tissue) issues and these, are quite commonly, the cause for a majority of childhood illnesses and some other conditions (chronic fatigue, dizziness, proneness for accidents/falls, ear-aches, and more).

Our nervous system is in control of body development and proneness to illness.

There are such things as nutritional deficiencies as well but many Chiropractors are well-versed in this too (out of necessity) and can also help with this.

Chiropractic adjustments for children can be very gentle and can bring about great recovery and improved health.

Stay Healthy!

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