What We Treat

Gentle Chiropgentle chiropractor in seattle waractic Procedures: There are many ways in which Chiropractors can "more gently" treat patients. Some patients are startled by some of the more traditional Chiropractic techniques but that is no reason to avoid the Chiropractor anymore as there are many newer, gentler techniques available to new Chiropractic patients. 

An Arthrostim device is an electronic version of an old Chiropractic tool called the Activator. The Activator places a low force tap motion into the bone or joints. We use the Arthrostim device here at my office in treating infants and elderly especially. The Arthrostim applies repetitive tapping motion into bones and joints and it is very gentle. It is a very effective Chiropractic tool in that it is gentle and uses a lot less force than a typical Chiropractic adjustment.  And in most cases it can achieve the same results.

I use this device by feeling the spine or another joint in the body and find an area that is not moving properly.  A Chiropractor gets well trained in detecting areas that are not moving properly and fluidly.

I find that the Arthrostim is a gentle way to help increase the motion in an area of the body.
We can take a patient through a range of motions where there is a restriction. This is very good for patients with arthritis or patients who have limited motion in some area.

We also have another similar device in my office now called the iMPULSE device which electronically notifies me with a beep when range of motion is restored back into an area of the body. This eliminates the need for me to have to constantly check and re-check an area to see how it is responding.

Many patients young and old love the Arthrostim and the iMPULSE devices because they are (1) precise, (2) gentle, and (3) can be used on all members of the family for better chiropractic results.

By survey we have found that the top reason for most people not going to a Chiropractor (even when they are in crippling pain) is for fear that they are going to have their neck snapped violently. This may be due to all the bad action movies where the bad guys are dropped like flies with a neck snap.

I do perform manual, traditional Chiropractic manipulations of the neck and spine but for those who have zero tolerance of their neck being moved quickly...we have the Arthrostim and the iMPULSE device.

Good health is the objective and we'll try and get there the best way possible.

-Dr. Owens   425-802-5432