Neck Pain

Neck Pain Relief for Neck Pain Sufferers in Seattle WaNeck Pain Relief in Bellevue WA Chiropractic

Many patients come into our Bellevue office on a weekly basis with neck pain.  I would venture to guess that "neck pain" is probably the number two or three reason that patients come to see a Chiropractor.

Neck pain really affects a lot of aspects of the patients life. Patients with neck pain cannot sleep very well and a person with little sleep has a lot of other unwanted difficulties in life. Tiredness opens the door for mistakes and accidents.  Fatigue can result in lowered awareness.  Insomnia can result in more misunderstanding and miscommunications in the day and that can lead to other problems.

Neck pain can also affect one's work.  Lifting things, turning around, bending over and looking in various directions can be greatly affected when one's neck is injured.

The vertabra in the neck can be pinched (or subluxated as we call it in Chiropractic) and pinched nerves cause pain but they can also cause various non-optimum organ function.  A subluxated nerve can cause increased or decreased blood flow or can cause muscle spasms and numbness.

Neck injuries are no joke.  Many people go around with untreated neck injuries and these untreated neck injuries create all kinds of scar tissue and things like arthritis later on in life.

If injured...see a Chiropractor and he/she can check all aspects of the spine, including the neck and ensure there are no injuries.  And if there are injuries he/she can treat the area by manually adjusting the joints and vertabra or they can use instruments to adjust the areas of the spine to ensure everything is in proper alignment and functioning properly.  A Chiropractor can quickly catch small problems in a typical office visit which could've led to bigger problems and can, usually in a few visits, alleviate the area of all long-lasting trouble and also eliminate the need for surgery and drugs later on in life.

The moral of the story - if injured (especially if injured in the neck area) go see your Chiropractor.

-Chiropractic of Bellevue

 Dr. Edward Owens, D.C.