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Non-Cracking Chiropractic:

Crack Free Chiropractic TreatmentA lot of patients have brought up concerns about getting "cracked".  These are good concerns to have, especially for patients who have a bad reaction to "getting cracked". I will admit it. There are many myths floating around out there that the spine is fragile and can be easily broken with a simple whip of a hand motion. 

Contrary to Hollywood movie legend - this is not the case. The spine is one of our most elastic and toughest areas of the body.  The g-forces which the spine can handle are completely amazing. 

The spine is designed to bend and flex and allows the body to get away with a variety of crazy activities, sports, work force, and other activities that just don't seem possible.

Here at my Chiropractic office in Bellevue Washington, we can work on the spine without "cracking" it per se.  Chiropractic technology has advanced over the years and there are a multitude of devices we chiropractors can use to manipulate the joints of the spine and the various bones of the body without "cracking". There are gentle chiropractic techniques and gentler chiropractors out there.

The spine is made up of various vertabra, nerves, and other connective tissue. The spine will sometimes get twisted out of place or jammed in such a way that it loses its normal free range of motion or movement and you then get pinched nerves (technically called a subluxation).

Sometimes the injured area is so tender or sore that patients really don't want any high force adjustment done to the area. Here in my office we have a very low-force, gentle Chiropractic way of
adjusting that area and getting it moving otherwise it will generate arthritis in the area.

We use the Arthrostim device which applies a very light force (16 times a second)
device. It is very light force.  I contact the area that is affected by applying the Arthrostim and tap the
area and work the spine (or joint) involved with the injury. Now as we move it and get the pressure off that area of the spine that area now functions better and starts to heal.

We checked areas of the body and find areas that are locked and then use a gentle chiropractic tool - the arthrostim - to tap the area and restore motion back into the area.

A slight subluxation (pinched nerve) can rapidly be helped with the gentle chiropractic Arthrostim tool.

As a note: The cracking sound that we hear are basically gases being released from fluid in the joints. The cracking sound is not the bone itself breaking or chipping off.

<iframe width="560" height="315" src="//www.youtube.com/embed/BgNqMghZnBE" frameborder="0" allowfullscreen></iframe>

If you find that you are one of those people who are in fear of a high-force adjustment from a Chiropractor - and that's the only reason you haven't been in to see the Chiropractor then please, please, please give us a call and let me try the Arthrostim out on you and show you just how
miraculous Chiropractic treatment can be. My office # is 425-802-5432.

-Be Well, Be Healthy
Dr. Edward Owens D.C.

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