Amazing Shoulder Exercise For Shoulder Injuries

Shoulder Doctor in Seattle WaAmazing Shoulder Exercise For Shoulder Injuries - 2-3 minutes a day!

Shoulder injuries are the worst. We don't realize how much we depend on our shoulder until it is injured and immobilized.  I myself, suffered a few shoulder injuries and thus had to work out some kind of exercise/stretch routine in order to get myself back to par.  Without my shoulders I am unable to do my job as a Chiropractor so this was a major project a few years ago (to find a good shoulder stretch/exercise routine to get myself back to par).  This is one of the exercises/stretches I found - It's called a "Push-Up Plus". 

There is a great exercise which will help anyone having shoulder problems. Push-ups are great for shoulder strengthening and conditioning.  However, when the shoulder is really injured it becomes difficult to do a straight push-up.

This modified shoulder stretch/exercise helps work the little muscles in the shoulder. A normal push-up will tend to work the major muscles (and some smaller smaller muscle groups) but the Push-Up Plus will work many more of the smaller muscles in the shoulder and also will do so in a way that doesn't create further injury.

This exercise is done by keeping your knees down and arching your back. One rocks down and feels the tension toward the back and then lengthens the arms and roll the shoulders forward.  Start on all fours in order to have a light workout and then as strength returns one can move the knees further out.  Here's a video on how to do this exercise  - Video  

If you have a shoulder injury...of course get a skilled Chiropractor to check you out and make sure you are capable of doing these shoulder exercises - don't just jump in and injure yourself.

Please visit my website for other great shoulder exercises & shoulder stretches.

Best in Health to you and yours!

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