Stretch | Exercise for Shoulder and Back

Stretch for Shoulder PainExercise Stretch for Shoulders and Back.

This exercise is called the tricep pull down. Patients can do this exercise/stretch for shoulder injuries but it also is great for lower mid, and upper back and definitely helps in posture.  Here is a video on how to do this exercise : Tricep Pull Down Stretch / Exercise 

back stretchesFor this exercise one could find various machines at a gym for it or simply get a "stretchy band" and attach it to a door, wall or other secure locations (I made a bracket on the wall and have the stretchy band looped through a carabiner).

The stretchy band is mounted high on the door (wedged in the door crack or on a bracket or some other safe location.  The motion is simply done by pushing the arms down.  Keep the elbows in and push the band down. You should feel this exercise/stretch working the tricep area as well as the back.

This exercise helps with arthritis osteoporosis and just helps with plain ol' day-to-day aches and pains. Bone health is greatly improved with resistance training.

I wish you the best in health. Please feel free to contact me if you live in the Seattle Bellevue, Eastside area and would like a doctor examination or consultation to find the best exercise/stretch routine for you and your health needs. Here's our contact info : Contact info for Chiropractic of Bellevue

-Dr. Edward Owens

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