Stretches | Exercises for Shoulder Pain Relief

Stretches for shoulder painStretches for Shoulder Pain:

The stretchy band is a great exercise and stretching tool for shoulder pain and shoulder injuries. The stretchy band is basically a large rubber band.

The exercise/stretch being done here is called "Band Dislocate". What we are going to do is work the shoulder through a range of motion forward and backward. 

Bring the band over the head and then lower down behind your body and down to your hips. Keep your hands far apart and keep rotating the band down behind your body and then back up. (Video Demo)

Doing this routine 15 times will do wonders in stretching and exercising your shoulder, your rotator cuff and also helps in maintaining mobility and posture.

Of course if one is recovering from an injury, one should also seek out other means to recover from the injury rather than just stretching the area out and exercising the area.  The more modalities (types of treatment), especially natural modalities you use to recover from your injury ... the better the chance of recovery. 

If you have any questions on exercises and stretches you can do at home simply schedule an office visit with me and I'd be glad to go through a program designed just for you. You can also visit my website page and under "Services and Techniques" you will find a page for stretches and exercises.

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