Carpal Tunnel

How to Treat Carpal Tunnel

Treating Painful Carpal Tunnel

Carpal Tunnel is a very serious condition. Until one is suffering from it there is no real good way to describe the pain and discomfort that comes from having "Carpal Tunnel". 

We see a lot more cases of Carpal Tunnel over the last 20 years in Chiropractic due to the fact that people are spending more and more time on computers as part of work and leisure and the repetitive action and motion of typing and working a mouse can create painful carpal tunnel. It can also occur in any job where repetitive motion is occurring with the wrist (like in carpentry - when using a hammer all day). Carpal Tunnel can also occur with sports like Tennis, Golf, Football, Wrestling, Weight-lifting etc where the hands are going through a lot of repetitive, exerting-type motion.

Let it be understood that I am in no way supporting the idea of giving up the jobs and sports you love just because their is a lot of repetitive motion involved.  I am merely writing this article in hopes that those who are subject to having Carpal Tunnel do something about it to prevent the long-term affects like swollen joints, arthritis, blood flow problems, numbness, chronic tingling in the hands, et cetera.

Carpal Tunnel is a condition when the inflammation of the nerves in the carpal tunnel area of the wrist cause discomfort and pain (in the wrist).

Many will try and target the wrist (carpal tunnel) area as the zone needing correction but in truth the culprits behind painful carpal tunnel syndrome are in the shoulders, elbows and sometimes...the neck.  If the shoulder and elbow become twisted and tight...this can affect the wrist and help bring about carpal tunnel.

When I treat a patient with Carpal Tunnel I address everything (the wrist, the arm joints, the elbow, the shoulder, the upper cervical area of the spine, etc) and work my way backward.  I also enroll the help of a Massage Therapist.  The Massage Therapist in our Chiropractic office in Bellevue is Marlene Goodman and she is well-versed in approaching Carpal Tunnel from many angles. 

I would expect a typical Carpal Tunnel patient (with moderate pain or numbness) to respond to the one-two punch treatment (massage and chiropractic) in as little as 1-2 visits.  Full recovery can take up to 10-12 visits depending on the degree of pain and discomfort.  If a patient is habitually agitating the wrist  then I would expect to see them for follow-up visits once every month or so just to keep the condition in check.

The end result of treating Carpal Tunnel early on is to prevent things like Arthritis, painful bone spurs, inflammation in the wrist and more unwanted conditions.  Protecting one's extremities is of the highest importance in my opinion. Without the use of one's becomes very complicated very quickly.

If you are having wrist pain or suffering from Carpal Tunnel or just suspect you might be having Carpal Tunnel then stop by your local Chiropractor and get checked out.  Don't let the condition go on so long that it turns into a chronic condition.

Best in Health & Your Wellness!

Dr. Edward Owens, D.C.

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