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Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Injuries & Rotator Cuff Injuries:

Shoulder injuries are no fun. The shoulder is used for almost everything we do on a daily basis and when it is injured, it really does make a lot of activities more painful than ever to endure. If you're experiencing shoulder pain or have a rotator cuff injury in the Seattle area, let us help.

Shoulder Injury Pain Relief

Rotator Cuff Injury

rotator cuff injury is especially painful as this type of injury will make it so one can barely move one's arm any direction without pain shooting down one's arm.  Many opt for surgery on their rotator cuff when it gets injured but surgery will and does leave behind scar tissue which can come back later and develop arthritis and other non-enjoyable symptoms.

I suggest any patient who is suffering from rotator cuff type injuries to come into my office, get an x-ray and try doing Chiropractic care for awhile just to see if the injured area can be gently manipulated back into proper alignment. 

I recommend this method because I've seen so many bad repercussions from people who've opted for permanently damaging surgery.  There is no way to reverse the bad effects of surgery. When we remove a portion of the body there is no way to organically replace it back to its original condition.

Our Approach 

I've had a lot of success in treating rotator cuff injuries with Kinesio Taping and the Arthrostim.  The Arthrostim device helps me to gently manipulate the small, hard to get to areas, of the shoulder back into place and the Kinesio Tape helps to warm and hold things in place for awhile.  I also use Asian Gua Sha treatment to help fight the adverse affects of scar tissue which comes from rotator cuff injuries.

When the body is put back into its natural alignment and natural working order it can then function in a way to heal itself and that really is our goal in Chiropractic.  Our goal is not to "unnaturally" remove, cut out or transplant parts of the body but instead to put things back in order so the body can heal and operate itself naturally.

Surgery on a shoulder or a rotator cuff injury should be the last option. One should try some natural healing therapies before opting for life-long altering surgery.

Call my office or visit your local Chiropractor to see what we can do for you.

-Dr. Edward Owens