Sciatica FAQs

Sciatica FAQs in Bellevue, WA

Sciatica is one of those common, painful conditions that many people suffer from without even understanding what it is, why they have, or what can be done about it. Here are the answers to some frequently asked questions on sciatica care at Chiropractic of Bellevue.

Man with sciatica needs chiropractic care.

Frequently Asked Questions

  • What does "sciatica" mean? "Sciatica" is a term that describes a painful compression or irritation of the body's largest nerve, the sciatic nerve.
  • What is the sciatic nerve? The sciatic nerve stretches from the base of the spine down into the leg. It's the central conduit form all the nerve signals passing between the leg and the brain, branching out into all the smaller nerves of the leg and foot. The sciatic nerve is attached to the spine by several major nerve roots in the lumbar and sacral regions.
  • How did I get sciatica? Sciatica occurs when the sciatic nerve roots become impinged, or pinched, by surrounding structures. It is often the result of a bulging or herniated disc pushing against the nerve tissue. Bone spurs from degenerative spinal conditions may also cause it. A spinal misalignment related to an acute injury or chronic postural problem can sometimes compress sciatic nerve roots.
  • What are the telltale symptoms of sciatica? While lower back pain sometimes occurs in sciatica, the classic symptoms include shooting pains down the back of the leg, numbness or tingling in the leg and/or foot, and loss of balance and muscular control due to inadequate nerve signaling.
  • Does sciatica go away on its own? Sciatica sometimes appears to go away on its own after several weeks of agony. But if the underlying condition that caused the sciatica is still present, your symptoms may return time and time again until you get that problem dealt with.
  • How does your chiropractor treat sciatica? Our chiropractor can pinpoint the exact origin of your sciatica, not only by evaluating your symptoms but also by checking your spinal column for any structures that may be compressing specific nerve roots. This enables us to administer gentle, safe chiropractic adjustments to that portion of the spine, shifting the offending structures back into their normal position to relieve the pressure.
  • How can I prevent my sciatica from returning? Periodic spinal checkups can help us spot and correct any future imbalances before they can turn into sciatica. We may also recommend exercises and other preventative strategies to help you maintain a strong back and a healthy posture.

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