Golf Injuries

The key to perfecting a golf swing is about the movement of your body. Golfers at every skill level are continuously trying to keep their swing more fluid and many prescribe to the notion that chiropractic care is the best source for keeping them healthy year-round. And one of the best chiropractors in the Northwest is Chiropractic of Bellevue. 


Golf is a challenging sport, but many who have played feel the psychological component is a greater challenge than maintaining the physical condition needed to compete at any level. However, this misconception could lead to a very serious golf injury being sustained during a round's play.

The Importance of Chiropractic to a Golf Swing

A normal golf swing puts extreme pressure on the body's lower back and spinal region. If a golfer's body isn't physically prepared to handle the rigors of a course, it could result in a lingering golf injury, which could keep them from playing for an extended period of time. 

The majority of all golf injuries occur due to the high amount of repetitive swings being taken during the course of one round. The area of concern includes the lower back/spine region, core muscles, knees, and hip region. The use of chiropractic care will help to get a golfer back playing in no time. Plus, a weekly trip to the chiropractor's office is a great resource for preventative medicine. 

Undergoing chiropractic care helps to gain the flexibility needed to make golf-specific moves. That could mean hyperextending your elbow on the backswing of a tough bunker shot. Also, alleviating any threat of extended back pain by prescribing strengthening and stabilization exercises to be done at home. Often, the extra work is in addition to your weekly chiropractic treatment sessions. The end goal is having you become an injury-free golfer on the course.

Chiropractic Evaluation and Treatment for Various Golf Injuries

A chiropractic evaluation will be administered to determine the severity of the injury. This is especially helpful to determine the seriousness of a back injury. Usually, this area of the body becomes aggravated by having a poor mechanical golf swing. A smart chiropractor will suggest rest for most back injuries. A pulled back muscle requires some form of a chiropractic adjustment that strengthens the area surrounding the injury. 

Weekend golfers get too one-sided dominant with their tee-shot attempts, which puts added stress on their core muscles. Thus, causing a strain that needs immediate chiropractic care. Each treatment session begins by realigning the spine to prevent the golfer from over-compensating for their injury and developing poor swinging habits. 

The knee is the weakest joint in the human body. It's held together by soft cartilage that is surrounded by extremely strong muscles, tendons, and ligaments. Usually, chiropractors are called to treat knee tendonitis, sprains, and minor ligament tears. The first course of action is reducing the inflammation inside the knee by icing the region. Then, the chiropractor will devise an exercise program that strengthens and adds more flexibility to the knee joint. 

The smoothness of a golfer's swing is based on the motion and flexibility of their hip region. Usually, a strain occurs due to the violent twist of a golfer's torso while keeping their legs in place during a shot attempt. Most chiropractors believe extended time away from the sport is the best method for treating hip strains. 

If you have been experiencing pain or seeking some relief from a specific golf injury, don't be hesitant in starting your path to recovery with the experts of Chiropractic of Bellevue. Sit down and speak with them today.