Patients with Insurance Coverage

Patients With Insurance / Preferred Providers

Every year insurance becomes more and more costly and the deductibles (the amount you have to pay out of pocket before you can take advantage of your benefits) goes up and up. We still are trying to grasp the effects of ObamaCare and how that is affecting our patients and their ability to get chiropractic care.Bellevue Chiropractor Insurance

We Accept Most Insurance Plans

If you do have insurance...we likely accept it. We accept Microsoft Premera, Blue Cross, Blue Shield, Regence, Aetna, United, Lifewise, Medicare and many more. 

We try our best to take what insurance the patient has even when the payout for various treatment modalities is low. The patient comes first. It is our office policy to try and take anyone and then work out how to get them the care they need despite what insurance plan they have.

Unfortunately that usually puts Chiropractic care on the back burner, as many deem it a luxury health care.  It's not, but that's how it is deemed.  Maybe someday people will realize that the spine and the Nervous System are of the utmost importance (as they control most bodily functions) but until that day is achieved, chiropractic will typically be put to the side when one is having to confront a HUGE DEDUCTIBLE.  Many will go 2-3 days with a screaming migraine before breaking down and starting care and paying out a big deductible.

Typically we find that even though some insurance companies may compensate us with less than what we typically receive, most patients bring other value to our office. Most patients, rejected by other offices due to incompatible insurance policies, are happy with us and refer other patients.  Word of mouth spreads when you treat others well and give them help and we typically experience a 5% return of referrals from our existing patients.

If you are uncertain about whether we take your insurance or not, give us a call and we'll be happy to investigate further. Your health and longevity really can be greatly augmented with Chiropractic and it is a shame when a simple barrier of insurance plans get in the way and we try our best to work with what you have to make things easy and affordable.

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