Non-Insurance Patients

There are options for patients who do not have insurance. 

Fees & Package Specials

We have a very low visit fee.  As of 2014, it is $51.00 for a routine, typical office visit.  It does increase a small percentage every year but our visit fee is typically 20% lower than most chiropractors in Seattle, Bellevue and surrounding areas. A typical chiropractor charges up to $75.00 for an office visit (for cash patients). A typical hospital visit will run 1,000.00-1,900.00 for something as simple as getting stitches. Chiropractic is one of the few affordable health care professions left.

We also have package deals wherein patients can purchase 10-20 visits at a time and we'll give a percentage break on that (sometimes up to 10%) based on the current specials.

We try our best to bring chiropractic care to Seattle, Bellevue and our surrounding community and try to make it easy to do. The miracles that chiropractic can do are just amazing and we do our best to stay affordable even as inflation increases every year.

Come visit us today and just see how easy Chiropractic can be on your wallet. 

Dr. Edward A. Owens, D.C.

(425) 802-5432