Give your Child a Fighting Chance with Chiropractic Care

Bellevue Pediatric DoctorGive your Child a Fighting Chance with Regular Chiropractic Care. It's affordable, it's safe, it's natural and it preventative.

All parents want to give their children a good fighting chance against the world.  Natural healthcare is one of the biggest ways a parent can help their child survive and be healthy.

Chiropractic is all-natural in every way.  A Chiropractor's main focus for a child/infant is to help put the child's body back into proper alignment so that the body can heal itself. A child's body is the most capable of healing itself. It is growing and changing and possesses a ton of resiliency and "bounce back" and this is a reason why safe, natural health care works so well for a child - it only takes a little tweaking here and there to get a great improvement and change in a child.  The adult body is slowing down and takes longer to recover from injury and takes longer to bounce back from an illness.  A youth's body is more likely to recover if it is provided the proper and NATURAL care.

The body is set up as a perfect machine. When it is in proper order and not under stress it can heal itself of most any infection, illness, etc.

When the body is out of alignment, (example: suffering from a pinched nerve), it is unable to heal itself - the fluids, the blood, the energy to that area of the body are hindered and thus the routine healing function of the body is shut down or slowed in some way.

Two children with the same infection will almost always recover at a different rate.  The child who has no musculoskeletal issues going on will usually tend to recover much faster and also be less prone to infection altogether.

Regular and routine visits to the Chiropractor will help prevent such continual and chronic injuries and illness.  I know, because I myself suffered from a hip condition when I was younger. Surgery was looking
like the only option but a Chiropractor intervened and after a few visits I was walking normally, not falling down and able to be more active--which led to better health overall.

A child who is chronically becoming injured or chronically becoming ill can be greatly helped with regular and routine Chiropractic care.

At my office I routinely see 5-10 children a week. I give them very simple, gentle treatments just to ensure their body is in proper alignment and then send them on their way.  The pediatric body will almost always react very favorably and heal very quickly without much more required attendion.

After 17 years in practice I've seen many of these children grow up into healthy young adults with little or no physical problems and with little recurrence of typical childhood illnesses (colic, ear infections, upset stomachs, digestive disorders and more) and that is what keeps me going and makes me happy when I get the chance to help young children.

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