Pediatric Illnesses and Accidents: Preventive Measures

Best Pediatric Doctor Bellevue WaPediatric Illnesses and Accidents: Preventive Measures = Healthier Children.

Chiropractic care is vital for infants and newborns. The changes the child's body is going through are numerous.

Almost every day there is some kind of injury or some kind of change in the child's musculoskeletal system which affects various other functions of the child's body and health.

There are also many bone and structural changes happening in the child through the process
of growing, sleeping, exercise, and other physical activities.

Young infants can go through a lot of accidents or injuries and appear relatively unscathed. The problem however is that of bone, joints and other musculoskeletal effects.  People react to injuries differently.  Two different people can bang their head on a wall at the same speed and position and yet have various reactions to it.  Some will tend to tighten up or tense that area on an automatic, stimulus-response basis and some will have almost no reaction to it at all.

Birth is traumatic.  Going through the birth canal can really put the squeeze on a baby's head and sometimes the boney plates of the head don't adjust back into proper alignment after birth. We've all seen the child with the pointy head or non-changing discolorations on the skin months after birth.

The stess of birth as well as day-to-day trauma on the newborn's body can throw the nervous system out of proper alignment and thus close down the body's ability to fight infection and fight off illness and disease.

I see many children in my practice in Bellevue Wa and my main goal with all of them is to just keep their small bodies properly adjusted and in alignment as they grow.  I usually only have to see a small child once or twice a month for the first year or two of growth and that is enough to reduce that child's propensity towards illness and accidents.

Of course children will fall and get ill - I am only stating here that regular/routine Chiropractic visits can help reduce the number of instances of illnesses and accidents.  My children get routine Chiropractic care and they still get ill from time-to-time but I do notice they are less ill than other children their age.

Chiropractors do adjust bones but they are also  putting the body back into proper alignment so that it can stand up to the routine infections and pressures brought to it just by naturally living in the world.

I wish you and your child the best in health. Please take your newborn to a Chiropractor and see what miraculous things can be done for them.

I myself was brought to a Chiropractor when I was a child. My hips were turned in and it caused me to have a lot of falls and prevented me from getting involved in sports. After a few visits to a Chiropractor I was well on my way to a healthy and active life and that is what I wish for you and your child!

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