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At Chiropractic of Bellevue Washington, our staff takes a natural approach to healthcare. We believe that in order to treat pain, you have to reach the root of the problem and use a method that's not going to possibly harm more than it helps. We use a variety of modalities to treat various conditions and injuries including the following: 

conditions treated

Common Conditions We Treat

We're able to treat those who have sciatica, even if it started as a result of pregnancy. We treat other causes of back pain as well such as spinal stenosis, a slipped or herniated disc or spondylolisthesis. Spondylolisthesis is a term that's used to describe vertebrae that slipped. We also treat patients who have neck pain. Chiropractic care in Bellevue is also used to treat shoulder, knee, ankle or foot pain. Our chiropractor treats those who have carpal tunnel, a condition caused the median nerve in the wrist being trapped. We even take care of those who suffer from headaches and migraines.  

Common Injuries We Treat

We offer services to those who have undergone an injury such as a car accident. An automobile accident can cause back pain. It might also cause neck pain. In some cases, the neck pain is caused by whiplash–a condition also known as a neck strain or sprain. Whiplash results from a forceful forward and backward motion. Those who injure themselves on the job can find relief through chiropractic care. One of the more common on-the-job injuries is back pain, which may occur from a lifting accident or a fall. It's also possible for someone to endure an injury due to having to conduct repetitive motions. We treat patients who have other personal injuries, too. 

Techniques/Therapies We Use

One of the better-known techniques we use is spinal manipulation. This particular treatment consists of the chiropractor manually manipulating the spine in order to realign the discs and vertebrae. This reduces stress on the back and neck. It also has the potential to increase the flow of blood throughout this area. We use spinal manipulation to reduce headaches and migraines since it takes pressure off of the neck because in some cases, pressure from the neck causes pain the head as well.
Exercise: After we determine what's causing the pain for our Bellevue chiropractic patient, we may recommend the patient does certain exercises and stretches that will help reduce pain by stretching sore muscles. The exercises and stretches help to reduce pain, which can enhance the recovery process. The exercises and stretches assist in keeping the blood flowing throughout the area. These exercises increase in difficulty, so you can progressively improve with minimal discomfort. 

Massage Therapy: massage therapy is another technique we use to relieve pain and promote healing. Unlike a standard massage that just reaches the external part of the muscle, we give deep tissue massages. This particular form of massage targets the muscles as well as the ligaments and other tissue. It loosens these parts of the body to aid in the recovery process. The massage helps to relieve pain. Additionally, massage therapy encourages blood circulation to the muscles, which brings more nutrients to the site. These additional nutrients promote healing.

Kinesiotaping: some patients might benefit from Kinesiotaping. We use Kinesiotape on different areas of the body such as the shoulders to relieve pain. The Kinesiotape is similar to real skin and is applied to the various parts of the body including the shoulders. The tape adheres to the skin and pulls it up in order to let fluid flow through the subcutaneous tissue. This assists with the healing process. This skin and muscle temperature underneath the Kinesiotape will heighten. 

Lifestyle Counseling: We offer our patients lifestyle advice that can help with their condition, whether that means recommending ways to lose weight to take pressure off of the muscles and joints or ergonomic changes that will reduce pain. We provide patients with nutritional counseling as well. 

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