Headaches and Migraines

Headache and Migraine Treatment for Bellevue WA

Headache pain and associated symptoms can interfere with your life to the point that you feel utterly debilitated. In addition to the pounding pain of the classic tension headache, many individuals suffer from crippling migraine attacks that put their lives on hold for days at a time. If you're ready for more profound and effective relief than mere medications can offer, you're ready for a natural headache and migraine treatments at Chiropractic of Bellevue in Bellevue WA.

Woman with headaches needs chiropractic care.

Understanding Your Headaches and Migraines

While the two conditions may overlap somewhat, they each stem from their own particular causes and produce their own unmistakable effects. Most headaches are what we call a tension headache, so named because they begin as muscle tension in the shoulders or neck. This tension pulls on membranes near the skull such as the dura mater, producing dull, generalized pain in the head. While emotional stress can lead to tension headaches, so can postural problems and misalignment of the cervical spine.

Migraines take headache pain to a whole new level of complexity and intensity. These strange attacks appear to stem from chemical imbalances and trigeminal nerve signals that cause sudden changes in cranial blood pressure. Triggers for migraines may include weather changes, flashing lights, hormonal shifts, and a variety of different foods -- as well as emotional and physical stress. Your migraine may be preceded by strange visual effects called auras. An actual migraine can cause nausea, depression, light and sound sensitivity, and brutal pain that may last for hours or even days.

Natural Relief from Our Chiropractor

Painkilling medications have their limits in treating headaches and migraines, especially since they can only tame the surface symptoms instead of the underlying causes. Our chiropractor, Dr. Owens, can do better by figuring out the physical issues behind your pain an then treating those issues directly. For instance, cervical spinal adjustments can balance your skull on your neck more symmetrically, eliminating unnecessary muscle tension.

This stress relief can prove useful for both tension headaches and migraines; in fact, studies show that chiropractic care makes migraine attacks both less painful and less frequent. Additionally, we can prescribe massage therapy, physical therapy, and lifestyle changes, all of which can play integral roles in your headache/migraine management program.

Get Those Headaches or Migraines Under Control

Your life doesn't have to feel like one big, ongoing headache. Don't just drug your headaches or migraines -- stop at their source, with the aid of Chiropractic of Bellevue. Call (425) 802-5432 for an appointment at our chiropractic clinic.