Shoulder Pain Relief

Shoulder Pain Care at Chiropractic of Bellevue

You may never have paid all that much attention to your shoulders, but now that one or both of those "workhorse" joints is causing you pain, you may find yourself unable to think about anything else. Shoulder pain can originate from acute injuries, degenerative conditions, or chronic overuse. As debilitating as your pain may be, you can probably tame it without succumbing to major surgery. Our chiropractor at Chiropractic of Bellevue, Dr. Owens, uses natural healing techniques to treat shoulder problems.

Shoulder Pain Care at Chiropractic of Bellevue

Common Problems That Cause Shoulder Pain

You may have little doubt about the cause of your shoulder pain if you've experienced an acute injury. A hard fall or extreme wrenching force can dislocate this ball-and-socket joint, causing agonizing pain and making the shoulder increasingly vulnerable to additional dislocations. A tear in the rotator cuff muscles or tendons that articulate the shoulder can suddenly make shoulder movement all but impossible.

However, many common causes of shoulder pain are chronic in nature. Arthritis, for example, may progress slowly as the cartilage in the joint wears out. Repetitive motion injuries develop as repeated micro-tears in the tissues are created, leading to chronic pain and stiffness in the shoulder. Athletes, laborers, and others who overuse their shoulders are prone to this problem. Bursitis, an irritation of the anti-friction sacs in the joint, is another cause of shoulder pain. A long-immobilized shoulder may become chronically tight and stiff, a condition called "frozen shoulder." Last but not least, a pinched nerve in the cervical spine can refer pain to the shoulder, making you think that the shoulder is injured when it really isn't.

Our Chiropractor Can Relieve Your Shoulder Symptoms

Our chiropractor understands how diseases, injuries, and biomechanical issues affect the shoulder joint. A careful study of your symptoms, your lifestyle, and the joint itself can point to the exact cause of your agony. We can then devise a multi-modal healing plan consisting entirely of non-surgical treatment options such as:

    • Chiropractic adjustments to the shoulder joint for easier joint motion
    • Spinal adjustments to release pinched nerves
    • Massage therapy to relieve pain and increase blood flow to damaged tissues
    • Kinesio taping to enhance shoulder circulation and support injured muscles
    • Exercises to increase shoulder strength and flexibility

Looking for Non-Surgical Shoulder Treatment? Call Our Bellevue Clinic

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