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bellevuechiropractor_ED.jpgBrief History About Dr. Edward Owens

Getting to know your Chiropractor

Let’s first address… who is Edward Owens?

History: Edward Owens is owner and doctor of Chiropractic of Bellevue Washington. He has been practicing since 1997 in Washington State.
Facts to Consider About Dr. Edward Owens & Chiropractic of Bellevue
(1) Since 1997 he’s had over 100,000 patient visits and treated several different conditions.

(2) He implements many different types of modalities. He uses a variety of instruments as well as physical hands-on manipulation.

(3) In his younger years, Dr. Owens suffered a traumatic hip condition which prevented him from enjoying sports and caused him to fall and have accidents on a frequent basis. A Chiropractor helped Dr. Owens with this condition and that was when Dr. Owens decided to become a Chiropractor.

(4) He grew up in Georgia. He went to school at Parker College of Chiropractic in Dallas, Texas.

(5) He has flexible hours, and walk-ins are always, always welcome. After hours and Saturday appointments are also available! Same day and same hour appointments are available.

(6) He has massage therapists on staff also.

(7) He is warm and communicative with his patients. He has several long-term patients who come to see him again and again over the years.

(8) Office environment is very warm and friendly and the staff and Dr. Owens care about their patients.

(9) He contributes a large portion of his income every year to charitable organizations in his local community.

(10) He is happily married and has two children, Quinn and Sage Owens.

(11) Thorough initial exam, Arthrostim, Drop Table, Manual Muscle testing.

(12) Office Hours: 8:30am – 6:30pm M, W, F; Tuesays 3pm-6pm; Saturday 9am-11am

Question: How did Dr. Edward Owens start in Chiropractic?

Dr. Edward Owens grew up in a small town in Georgia. He moved to Texas to attend school and in 1997, he graduated from the prestigious Parker College in Dallas. After college, he was very interested in healing as many people as he could with his new-found abilities. He found that traditional medicine may have side effectss and long-lasting adverse reactions which could be avoided with regular chiropractic care. Since graduating, Dr. Owens has treated over 60,000 patients:

“My purpose is to contact, reach and help as many people as I can with the Chiropractic knowledge I have gained.”

Dr. Owens is a warm and caring doctor. He useds both gentle techniques and “old school” manual adjusting in his treatment. He does whatever is necessary to help his patients recover and feel better while listening actively and acknowledging their concerns.

Outside of the office, Dr. Owens enjoys many outdoor activites, such as skiing, hiking and camping. He also enjoys spending time with his wife, Mishelle and their two children, Quinn and Sage. With fitness being an important factor in his work, he also visits the gym on a daily basis.

I’ve helped patients from every corner

I treat my children and my wife weekly. I also treat all my staff. I have patients who come to me from as far as Snohomish County. My goal is to CURE people of their health issues with finality and totality.

Why I started in Chiropractic:

Simply, I wanted to help people. I found that traditional medicine and surgical procedures have many side effects and long-lasting adverse reactions which could be avoided with regular chiropractic care and therefore entered the field of chiropractic.

Question: What are patients are saying about Dr. Edward Owens?

The general consensus about Dr. Owens is that he is a warm and caring doctor; uses gentle techniques as well as “old-school, manual adjusting techniques”. He does whatever is neccessary to help his patients recover and feel better. He listents to his patients and actually acknowledges their conerns.

I enjoyed giving you a little background about myself and how I started in practice! I hope you got to know me a little better.