Workplace Injuries

Work Injury Treatment at Chiropractic of Bellevue

No matter how much you may love your work, there's no joy to be had in it when you're suffering from a work-related injury. Whether you've sustained an acute musculoskeletal injury or your body has just been placed under unnatural stresses and strains for too long, you need safe, drug-free, non-surgical work injury treatment solutions that can help you return to your job as quickly and comfortably as possible. Dr. Owens will be more than happy to provide solutions to your auto or work injuries.

workplace injury

Personal Injuries in the Workplace

A work injury is one category of what we call personal injury -- that is to say, a situation that causes damage to your person, as opposed to property or equipment damage. The most common kinds of work injuries afflict the back, followed by the shoulders and knees. Most injuries in the workplace involve overexertion, such as an attempt to lift (or lower) a heavy object without help or from the wrong position. These little miscalculations can have big consequences, including strained lower back muscles and herniated lumbar discs that compress the sciatic nerve. The shoulders, knees and vertebral joints can also be dislodged or pushed out of their normal alignment. Slips and falls are another common cause of work injuries. If driving is part of your work, you may suffer an on-the-job auto accident that causes these and other kinds of damage -- not to mention the neck subluxation, soft tissue strain and cervical disc issues associated with whiplash.

But not every work injury is so sudden or dramatic in nature. Your pain and other symptoms may have developed over a long period of work-related overuse or repetitive motion that taxes the joints and soft tissues.

Carpal tunnel: this syndrome is one well-known example. Repetitive hand and arm motions, coupled with a non-ergonomic workspace, can produce chronic inflammation and swelling in the tissues surrounding the median nerve in the wrist, rendering you unable to do your job without pain. Any workplace scenario that forces you to bend or twist in an unhealthy manner can cause overuse injuries in your shoulders, back or neck.

Text Neck: If your job has you constantly consulting a mobile device, you can even suffer from a form of neck strain called "text neck" due to the unnatural head position this practice promotes.

Your Work Injury Chiropractor Provides Non-Surgical Solutions

Bring your work injury to your chiropractor at Chiropractic of Bellevue. Dr. Owens will evaluate your symptoms, work history, and medical history while conducting a detailed musculoskeletal evaluation to pinpoint the source of your discomfort. Spinal subluxation and pinched nerves can be relieved through our advanced chiropractic methods, including our gentle, instrument-based Arthrostim adjustments. These adjustments can help you get your back or neck back into proper working order.

Chiropractic care isn't the only kind of treatment your personal injury doctor offers. If strained or sprained soft tissues have ground your productivity to a halt, we can prescribe massage therapy, which eases your pain and inflammation while also increasing blood flow to the injured tissues for faster healing. Stretches and other corrective exercises can do wonders for an injured shoulder or back, restoring strength to injured muscles and helping you regain your full range of motion. Your work injury doctor can combine these various treatment methods to create your own personal holistic healing plan.

Let's Get to Work on Your Work Injury Treatment

If you're ready to get to work on repairing your work injury, call Chiropractic of Bellevue at (425) 802-5432 today. Your personal injury doctor is standing by to help you get back to making a living!